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  • The use of weapons in space Part 1 – Projectile weaponry There has been, and still is, much discussion into the power and effect of weapons used in gaming and how we could improve them. While Space Syms are games based upon science fiction we shou…
  • This is very deep stuff and must be listen too without distraction. I like it very much. In Germany there is a group called Yello. Again to be listen too with high quality equipment in peace.. I shall order this music, it is good. Thanks
  • Hi Legi, Very glad you are here and hopefully we may sort this mess out if we combine our efforts. You have posted a nice intro of yourself and it is greatly appreciated. Let us hope more of the community find their way here.
  • First I would state that I have no idea why all WarZone servers are down at this time. No warning was given and we do not know how the server owner is at this time. There may be a very good reason why this has happened but we will find out if we can…
  • I thank the KT11 team for supplying the ability for the WarZone members to air their concerns. So please spread the word and post your thoughts, queries and aspirations here.