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Hello all

We opened this new section into KT11 to allow Freelancer Disco WarZone members to communicate, their server beeing offline for now as well as the forums. All of this without any prior warning !
Furthermore it appears impossible to communicate with Lee knowing that he's still the owner of the WZ domain name.

Please, let us know if you need other sections

Before posting, check the rules first

Have fun :smile: !


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    I thank the KT11 team for supplying the ability for the WarZone members to air their concerns.
    So please spread the word and post your thoughts, queries and aspirations here.

  • You’re very welcome Gunner !

    To all WarZone community:

    We would add that Gunner is your referent here as he’s the moderator of your community on KT11.

    You can post or comment anywhere on this site, but please keep in mind that KT11 is not dedicated to the Freelancer video game only. All artists, so (non-exhaustive list): Musicians, writers, painters, 3D modelers, videos/films makers, and of course, game developers have their right place here.

    If you have any wish and/or issue about this website, and in pariculary about your own section, please post here:

    Once again, have fun !


  • First I would state that I have no idea why all WarZone servers are down at this time. No warning was given and we do not know how the server owner is at this time. There may be a very good reason why this has happened but we will find out if we can pool our knowledge and resources.
    So please contribute to this forum and I now take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for this season and every success for 2018.

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    Thank you all for your warm welcome, it's nice to see there are still people who know, and in a way care about Freelancer, and the people who are trying to keep it alive!

    For my introduction, I'm Hungarian, and I joined WZ in early 2016, as I was invited by a fellow member Zsonzon to take the Liberty Navy off his hands, and lead the faction in hopes that we can create and host various events filled with RP and PvP.

    I soon realized that my expertise in modding and knowledge about Freelancer would be a great addition to the community, so in an attempt, I tried to improve some aspects of it. As a result of succesful work with restart templates, I was offered monetary compensation which I declined, instead for a chance to became a Guardian of the server, a person who helps newcomers and veterans alike. Following this, I made a lot of friends, created many events, and wrote tons of RP that described the history and goals of my primary faction, the Omicron Revolutionary Forces, lead by Gab.

    After 10 months of preparation and completely reworking the ORF faction as whole, we applied as an Official Faction, which was approved soon after - I knew Gab's dream was to have his favourite ship - the Ranseur Class "Revenge" Dreadnought - have some sort of monument on the server, as a reminder how he loves the community. Because of this, I secretly (with Admin approval) made his dream come true on new year's eve, and that started an avalanche of updates, improvements and unique ships and weapons on the server. Lee offered me Administrator rights because of my work and effort, and later, I became a de facto Developer of the whole community. I was currently working on the 23rd Update when the WZ blackout happened, which resulted the complete hail of the whole project.

    I hope that we can contact Lee and fix whatever issues that might have happened. I miss the community as a whole, and I'm sure a lot of our players are missing it even more.
    The best christmas present would be the return of WZ, no doubt.

    Once again, thanks for everyone for the opportunity, and wish every member of KT11 and WZ good luck and success for the following years to come.

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  • keltwookiekeltwookie Planet Kashyyyk

    Very nice presentation post ! Once again, you are more than welcome here.

    BTW, have a look here

  • Hi Legi, Very glad you are here and hopefully we may sort this mess out if we combine our efforts.
    You have posted a nice intro of yourself and it is greatly appreciated.
    Let us hope more of the community find their way here.

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    10 days after the opening of these forums to help the Freelancer WZ community, it appears that this one is definitively dead as nobody except L'egendary registered.
    For this reason, we, the KT11 Team don't see any reason to keep an emplacement on this forums which could be better employed for other purposes.

    R.I.P WZ - Topic closed

    Contact us by pm or email if needed

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