Hello and Good Luck

While not a game developer myself I am aware of the ability of the host and Admin of this site and wish him and his team all the best for this superb initiative and good luck for its future.


  • Hello and welcome on KT11 Gunner

    Many thanks for your kind words.

    @Gunner said:
    While not a game developer myself...

    Not a problem, the Warzone Team will be always welcome here ;)

  • keltwookiekeltwookie Planet Kashyyyk
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    As Gunner seems a liittle bit shy to introduce himself, let me do it for him:

    I met him a few years ago (2012?) On a Freelancer server where I was a game administrator. Our first conversation was a request from him about mining techniques if I remember correctly.
    we symphatized right away, and in the course of the conversations I marveled at his erudition, his way of expressing himself and his sense of diplomacy, which led me to propose him as admin to the server’s owner. Indeed, who was game administrator knows that the patiences are strained and in this case, Gunner is doing wonders.

    Retired from the British army with the rank of Lt Col., he served his country for 40 years in the Royal Artillery. So he’s an expert in weapons and ballistics, and in case you have any difficulty with these matters during your games creations, I can not advise you too much to ask him.
    Edit: And for those who could ask, here's a proof of Gunner's knowledge

    A warm welcome to you Gunner !

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