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Maybe a new kind of Space Games

XPlore main goal is to offer several kinds of game play. It is a long term project started during summer 2015 with the hope to create something different while remaining accessible to players who can not afford high-performance computers. But it does not mean that XPlore will show poor graphics: All will be done to ally nice 3D models + pictures, realism and speed.

Several kinds of game play?

Yes, the aim is to bring a new experience for players: XPlore will be a space sim like many others, but role playing and strategy will take a great part in the final game play.

Okay, but what about multiplayer?

Of course, a multiplayer mode will be added. XPlore is not planned to become a MMO, but who knows ? It will depend of the success of the game and the involvement of the community.


XPlore is planned to be mod-able. It means that the game will be set to allow the community to add their own models, textures, characters, scenario, etc...

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