KT11... what's that?

This new platform is planned to allow indie game developers, to host their video game creations, whatever they be. Indeed, indie devs do not, often, have the financial means or infrastructures to loan expensive hostings whom services may greatly slow down a machine or a server, considering the congestion and bandwith.

This is now an attempt to offer a quality service to games creators concerned about proposing their pieces of art safely, simply and anonymously if they so wish. No personal information mandatory (town, address, phone, etc… nor do we come to take a cup of coffee/tea). More seriously, we take great care of private life with a free exchange (knowledge, software, art works, etc.) what Internet should forever be,  in our humble opinion.

This service is planned to be free access as long as we can (our hosting states that our bandwith is unlimited), but obviously, a donation add has been included (see the bottom of this page) to help us maintain this website and the associated forums as it is not free for us.

... More infos later, both website and forums in progress